Application Security

The importance of Application Security is growing rapidly with the increase of business needs for online transactions. Protecting online applications from hacking attempts is the prime concern to run a successful online business. Failing to protect web applications from malicious attempts leads to financial loss, legal complications and reputation damage. There are several legal requirements like PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and HIPAA enforced on the online business to help protect customers sensitive data from theft and misuse.

Application security facts

Despite the investment in Information Security infrastructure and features such as firewalls, scanning tools or hardening; most of the attacks by malicious users happen through an HTTP request that can bypass those systems. More than 60% of the Information Systems attacks occur at the application layer. More than 80% of the web applications have considerable critical vulnerabilities which can be easily exploited; thus giving hackers the ability to compromise sensitive data.

Risk Mitigation Strategy for Business Data

NSMARK Solution offers a mature and proven service which helps corporations a align their data protection and application security efforts to the business risk management strategies.

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