Portal Services

Poratl Services Offerings

The following are the phases involved in the implementation of an enterprise portal solution:

  • Strategize: Create vision and set goals
  • Assess & Define: Architecture Assessment & Solution Definition
  • Implementation: Development and Technology Implementation
  • Deployment: Launch portal Solution
  • Operate: Maintain the environment and extend the solution functionality
Architecture strategy and roadmap
  • Understand your current infrastructure, requirements and organizational standards
  • Define best practices and framework for portal implementation, workflows, integration with CMS, single sign-on strategy
  • Adopt standard processes and methodologies for design, construction, documentation and implementation
  • Define portal-governance guidelines
Design and Implementation
  • Define a scalable, secure, and high-performant Architecture for the enterprise portal solution
  • Implement and customize portal technology products
  • Develop the portal taxonomy and categorization scheme
  • Define and design towards user experience interfaces and usability
  • Design and customize the portal user interface
  • Develop, implement and integrate information, collaboration and applications with the portal platform
Support & Application Management
  • 24X7 Technical Support
  • Platform and Application Support
  • Application Lifecycle Management Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Administration
  • Stabilization, Retirement, Performance and Capacity Management
Business Benefits

Implementing a comprehensive portals strategy yields significant ROI based on improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.

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